Metal continuous flow micro-mixing reactor

Metal continuous flow mixing reactor can meet the reaction under high temperature and high pressure conditions

Laboratory/industrial production grade high-throughput stainless steel continuous flow mixing reactor

Model: MF-MV6, MV9

Material: 316L, Hastelloy

Flux: 80T/year, 1500T/year

Pressure resistance: 70Bar

Temperature resistance: -30-300℃

Main application areas: medicine, fine chemicals, dyes, flavors and fragrances, agricultural chemistry, special chemicals, daily necessities, chemical industry and scientific research and teaching. Common reaction process types: nitration reaction, sulfonation reaction, esterification reaction, cyclization reaction, condensation reaction, azide reaction, azo reaction, oxidation reaction, peroxidation reaction, alkylation reaction, amination reaction, Chlorination reaction, hydrogenation reaction, substitution reaction, Beckman rearrangement reaction, Mike addition reaction, catalytic reaction, light reaction, Grignard reaction, etc.